Tick Control

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Ticks are more than a nuisance. Ticks cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and several other debilitating diseases. A tick bite can be disabling and may even cause long-term illness.

To protect against these diseases, DC Mosquito Squad has several tick control options available. An automatic misting system or barrier spray (synthetic or natural) will cover your yard or commercial property and offer excellent protection by killing adult ticks on contact.

We also offer tick tubes, which are biodegradable cardboard cylinders filled with insecticide treated cotton balls. Mice that carry lyme disease use the cotton to make their nests. When a tick feeds on one, it is exposed to the insecticide and killed. The mice are not harmed by the solution. The insecticide used in tick tubes is also commonly used to treat lice and scabies infections in humans.

Other protective measures still need to be taken in order for tick populations to be reduced. If there are trees, shrubbery or dense groundcover plantings on the property or adjacent to it, this could attract ticks. Fields, tall grasses, leaf litter, brush, wood and compost piles are all breeding grounds for ticks.

After you, your family, or pets have spent time outside, always do a through body check for ticks. Some ticks, (especially deer ticks) can be very tiny and hard to spot. If you’ve been bitten, remove the tick the CDC recommended way. If you think the tick may be carrying an infection, save it. Your doctor (or vet, in your pet’s case) can send the tick to be tested for diseases.

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