Stink Bugs

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The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug has a reputation for taking up residence in late fall – and spending the winter. Getting Rid of stink bugs is much different than killing mosquitoes and ticks. But with the right plan of action, stink bugs can be eliminated from your home. DC Mosquito Squad professionals are well equipped to handle stink bug infestations. Here are some of the steps you can take at home to prevent and kill stink bugs:

1. In summer months, access points in the home where stink bugs get in can be caulked. These include cracks around windows, doors, utilities, chimneys, siding, trim and fascia. Attic and foundation vents can be covered with wire mesh or screening.
2. The interior of the home can be protected as well. Caulk baseboards, exhaust fans, light fixtures and trim.
3. Don’t smash stink bugs – vacuum them up. If you smash them their foul odor will emanate from the body. We recommend using a shop vac and not your regular vacuum since it can begin to smell of stink bugs.
4. Windows, doors, attic fans, and other locations can be treated with a special wettable powder insecticide in early fall and spring. Do your research and always use caution when applying insecticide in your home.
5. Spot treat plants where stink bugs are feeding with insecticide in late July or August. If you apply insecticide yourself, always read and follow the directions carefully and dispose of containers in the recommended way.

DC Mosquito Squad professionals are well trained in treating the outside of your home for these pests. DC Mosquito Squad uses the same products for our stink bug treatments as our mosquito control treatments, although they are applied differently. For stink bug control, we treat the siding of your home, the eaves, and anywhere else that stink bugs may be entering.

In the spring, DC Mosquito Squad focuses on eliminating the stink bugs exiting your home where they spent the winter. In the fall, we focus on preventing them from entering. We have several stink bug control packages available: a one-time treatment, a spring package, a fall package, and an annual package that includes both spring and fall treatments. The spring and fall packages include 3 stink bug treatments and the annual package includes 6 treatments: 3 in the fall and 3 in the spring.

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