Natural Mosquito Control

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If customers express a desire for the use of a non-synthetic mosquito control solution – DC Mosquito Squad has it. Though this option does not kill mosquitoes and ticks like other solutions, the odor emitted confuses and repels them. Our natural mosquito spray effectively reduces the mosquito and tick population in an area. DC Mosquito Squad uses a garlic formulation for our natural treatments. The natural treatment is well-suited for areas around aquatic life, such as fish, which makes it a great option for customers with ponds or other water features.

The natural method of mosquito control must be applied every 14 days rather than 21 days. Natural mosquito control is not as powerful or effective as synthetic applications; about 65%-75% vs 80%- 90%. If the natural mosquito control does not live up to expectations, a DC Mosquito Squad professional will replace it with another choice the very next visit, or sooner. As needed re-treatments are also available for our seasonal customers. DC Mosquito Squad also offers one-time treatments which can be a great way to try out our services.

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