Mosquito Treatment

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DC Mosquito Squad services both residential and commercial properties in the greater D.C. area. The services we offer include mosquito treatment, tick tubes, treatments for stink bugs, treatment for ground bees (such as wasps, hornets and carpenter bees), and aphid control. DC Mosquito Squad technicians do not spray blossoms to avoid harming pollinating bees.

Our purpose is to help people enjoy being outdoors at their home or business without having to worry about mosquitoes (and their bites, which can transmit several diseases) and other outdoor pests.

4 Tips for Mosquito Treatment:

1. Remove any standing water from your property. If you have a pond or other permanent standing water source, mosquito dunks are an effective option.
2. Mosquitoes are weak fliers. When you’re spending time outside on your patio or deck, having a fan or two running can really make a difference in whether you and your family or friends get bites.
3. Use DEET repellents or research natural options. Soy based repellents were shown in a 2002 study of the effectiveness of mosquito repellents to work almost as well as DEET and can last up to 90 minutes.
4. Contact DC Mosquito Squad.

Our Services


DC Mosquito Squad applies a “barrier spray” that repels and kills mosquitoes for twenty-one days. The DC Mosquito Squad professional carries the spray like a backpack and applies it to the front or back of a property for maximum coverage.
DC Mosquito Squad recommends that a barrier spray be applied every 21 days. The barrier spray only takes about 10-15 minutes to cover most backyards. This spray creates a mosquito barrier in the yard and leaves a slight residue on plants and leaves. New mosquitoes entering the area and eating the grass, leaves and shrubbery will be killed on contact. After 30 minutes, the yard will be dry and ready for your kids and pets to play on. If nobody is home, a DC Mosquito Squad technician will leave a card that indicates the barrier spray has been applied.


If customers express a desire for the use of a non-chemical natural mosquito treatment solution – DC Mosquito Squad has it. Though this option does not kill mosquitoes and ticks like other solutions, the odor emitted confuses and repels them. The natural mosquito spray effectively reduces the mosquito and tick population in an area.

The natural method of mosquito treatment must be applied every 14 days rather than 21 days. Natural mosquito treatment is not as powerful or effective as synthetic applications; yet many people chose this option because it suits them better. If the natural mosquito treatment does not live up to expectations, a DC Mosquito Squad professional will replace it with another choice the very next visit, or sooner.

DC Mosquito Squad adheres to all local, state and federal licensing guidelines and utilizes pest-control solutions that have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While an array of formulations is available for specific situations, the active ingredient in our most commonly used barrier spray is a synthetic reproduction of a substance derived from chrysanthemums. This same basic ingredient can be found in a variety of household products including some used to treat scabies and lice (though its ability to effectively kill lice has been questioned). In order to avoid harming bees, Mosquito Squad professionals do not spray blossoms.


DC Mosquito Squad can also treat for stink bugs, ticks, gnats, ground bees, and aphids/scale.

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