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Mosquito Control = Happy Crowds

Mosquitoes and ticks not only pose a health threat to your visitors, they also annoy guests and negatively interrupt the memory making experiences. We know your goal as a manager of an outdoor facility is to ensure the protection and comfort of your visitors to the greatest extent possible. DC Mosquito Squad can help you ensure that your facility guests enjoy their visit without worrying about the annoyance and danger of pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes and ticks.

DC Mosquito Squad professionals have demonstrated mosquito abatement in a variety of natural habitats. Special insect control systems are put into place to kill adult mosquitoes and ticks and to treat larvae.

The public’s well-being is always primary for DC Mosquito Squad professionals; so is the preservation and maintenance of other species. Treatments applied offer minimal risk to all life forms, except for the targeted vectors.

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Quote from Charles Idol Mosquito Squad has been a valuable partner to The Front Page. We have found their service to be top notch. Mosquito Squad was recommended to us from a residential customer of theirs and they have not disappointed on the commercial side. I would recommend this company to any business in need of spring outdoor pest treatment. Quote from Charles Idol – Charles Idol, General Manager, The Front Page