Abandoned Pools

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Abandoned pools are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The standing water is the perfect environment for large numbers of mosquitoes to live and multiply. Just one abandoned pool can produce millions of mosquitoes. DC Mosquito Squad’s abandoned pool treatment is an efficient way to take care of a pool with standing water. One of our technicians will visit the premises and apply a larvicide treatment to the pool area and water. This may be followed by additional, individual treatments.

With many homes in foreclosure, empty properties with unattended swimming pools attached are everywhere. Abandoned pools create a mosquito problem for neighbors and are a threat to everyone’s health. During the recession, cases of West Nile Virus and other mosquito borne diseases increased. If you notice an abandoned pool in your neighborhood, contact us and we will work with the home’s owner, even if it is a bank, to have the pool treated as soon as possible.

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