Why Choose DC Mosquito Squad

We’re Proud to be Washington DC’s #1 Niche Pest Control Company  

We Specialize in Mosquitoes

We are the Mosquito Experts. Other companies add on mosquito control to their services. We specialize in it.

Our product works quickly and effectively to rid your yard of mosquitoes and ticks, so you can start enjoying your yard almost immediately.

Longer Lasting Results with Effective Pest Management

We get to the root of the problem by addressing problem areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed. Then, we apply our “barrier spray” to rid your property of mosquitoes for 14-21 days.

Our product is micro-encapsulated, meaning it is protected by a thin coating to make it last longer and to keep your yard mosquito-free for 21 days. With our Standard Treatment, we can reduce your mosquito population by 85-90%!

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Whether you’re the owner of a residential or commercial property, we have you covered.

Want a more natural solution to mosquito control? We offer that as well.

Plus, our Customer Care Representatives are always available to answer your questions and meet your needs.

We Offer Treatments for More Than Just Mosquitoes!


Ticks carry all kinds of nasty diseases, including Lyme disease—the number one vector-borne illness in the United States! Our Standard Treatment will keep your ticks away for 21 days. However, for extra protection, we also offer Tick Tubes.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are a nuisance, but with DC Mosquito Squad’s fall and spring Stink Bug Packages, you can be assured your home will be stink bug free.

Aphid & Scale

Aphid infestations can overtake your Crape Myrtle trees, leaving them looking shellacked or even putting them at risk for Black Sooty Mold. Thankfully, DC Mosquito Squad has a treatment for aphid infestations so you can be assured your landscape won’t be ruined by these pests.

Stinging Insects

Have a problem with stinging insects in your yard? DC Mosquito Squad can help! We offer solutions to get rid of stinging insects from your yard, so you and your loved ones can enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about getting stung.

Benefits of Choosing DC Mosquito Squad


During the season, we schedule new customers within 2-3 days of signing up, and offer free auto-renewal enrollment


We offer free re-treatments and special event sprays for seasonal customers


We have extended office hours during the season


We have the largest truck fleet in the DC metro area specializing in Mosquito Control


Licensed and insured in DC, MD, VA


We have increased our operational capacity by 30% in the last two years


Same day service (where available)


We've gone paperless to help the environment


We have a customer portal, where you can:

– Make payments

– View your full schedule, request service date changes, or retreatments

– Update personal profile, treatment, and property notes

Our technicians are courteous and trained to use our targeted application technique. We also have certified applicators on staff.

We Are Partnered with Malaria No More to Help Eradicate Malaria

They provide malaria treatment, mosquito nets, and education to those in need.

They are helping to develop a vaccine for malaria

Our donations help fund their efforts to eradicate malaria in Cameroon