Gnat Treatment

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Gnats are tiny, annoying, swarming insects. While they do not bite, they tend to make enjoying your outdoor spaces difficult. Gnats love wet, rotten, organic matter such as leaf litter, abandoned yard clippings, fungi and mulch. They are extremely prolific – their life cycle is about 28 days and each female will lay around 300 eggs that will hatch into larva in less than a week.

DC Mosquito Squad has a gnat treatment package that may be added on to a seasonal mosquito package. We use similar products for both, but for gnats there is an added growth inhibitor. This growth inhibitor stops a life stage of a gnat from moving to the next. Because uncontrolled gnat populations are consistently in different stages of life, one treatment would not be effective. Therefore, we will spray for gnats every time we come to treat your property for mosquitoes.

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