August 2017 Stink Bug Special

Stop the stink!

Sign Up for Stink Bug Season + Get 1 Free Mosquito Barrier Spray!

This special includes a free mosquito spray to ensure you're bite free through the rest of summer!

Don't let stink bugs into your home this fall and winter.

Stink bugs stink - plain and simple. They're a nuisance, unpleasant to have in your home and are known to trigger allergies. Our effective stink bug treatments treat the siding of your home, the eaves, and anywhere else that stink bugs may be entering.

Let DC Mosquito Squad stink bug proof your home this fall so you won't have any unwanted residents this winter.


$299 for 2 months of stink bug treatment + Free Mosquito Spray with Purchase!

Why Choose DC Mosquito Squad

We use the same EPA approved products to stop stink bugs as we use for mosquitoes.

Getting rid of stink bugs is much different than killing mosquitoes and ticks, but with the right plan of action, stink bugs can be eliminated from your home. DC Mosquito Squad professionals are well equipped and trained to prevent stink bugs from entering your home.

Stink Bug Proof Your Home This Fall - and get a FREE mosquito treatment!

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