Reclaim Your Yard. Protect Your Family.
We’ll handle the pests.


Our treatment services remove annoying, biting pests from your yard so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor space.


Protect those who visit your business or outdoor venue, so they can focus on enjoying your space instead of shooing pests.

DC Mosquito Squad has 265 Five Star Reviews and Counting!

“These people are excellent. Tremendous service — but more importantly the treatments work. We’ve used them two years in a row and are just amazed — we have our yard back, the kids can play, cookouts — all that essential summer stuff! No more bug spray, candles or whatever. If a treatment isn’t 100% effective the first time, they hustle out and do it again. Prompt, effective. Don’t tell them I said this, but I’d pay twice the price” 

– Jay F.

“We’ve used them for years and they are worth every penny. We live in Old Town, Alexandria (literally a swamp) and simply cannot use our backyard throughout Spring and Summer without Mosquito Squad. Customer service is amazing and if you see mosquitoes sometime after they spray they will come and re-spray–just call them. I tried every other type of mosquito-trap, spray, etc and it was a complete waste of my time and money. These guys are the best.”

– J.D. H.

“I am no longer a banished from using my backyard! Without wearing some type of repellent, my legs would constantly get bitten. Even with repellent, there would be an occasional bite. Now, it’s like mosquito never existed there. The service is professional and courteous, always calling when they are coming and leaving door and yard tags to let me know the service was completed. Highly recommended!”

– Uy H.

“This is our second year as Mosquito Squad DC customers and we are forever grateful that we found them! We are finally able to enjoy our lovely back patio at any time of day without fear of being eaten alive. The customer service is outstanding and the technicians are efficient, prompt and professional.”

– Michele C.

“Made a huge difference in our quality of living! We have a pool and eat outside each evening. We were miserable as we either sprayed our bodies or swatted at bites daily.  One visit, and that is all history. Wish I had known about them earlier. I will never go a summer without them!”

– Bon D.


We understand how important it is to spend time together enjoying your backyard, so we provide safe and effective pest control solutions to let you do just that.


Natural Options Available

Our traditional barrier spray and natural mosquito control services are designed for your specific needs.


We Treat More Than Just Mosquitoes

We have treatments for stink bugs, gnats, ticks, aphid & scale, stinging insects, and more.

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We Are Partnered with Malaria No More to Help Eradicate Malaria

They provide malaria treatment, mosquito nets, and education to those in need.

They are helping to develop a vaccine for malaria

Our donations help fund their efforts to eradicate malaria in Cameroon